I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on The Authentic Gay Man podcast with Martin Cowart, Spiritual Mindset Coaching for GBTQ Men where I talk about losing my friend, partner, and husband of almost 35 years. I invite you to listen.

On this week’s episode, Jeff talks with writer Anthony Eaton. Anthony shares how he uses his writing as a way to give people something positive and uplifting. They discuss how they view adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow, their views on spirituality, and how the information and content we consume can impact our views of the world. 

#116 | Just Talk To People! In 2013 Anthony started a motivational blog posting an inspirational quote of the day. Soon after, he launched a website where he posted leadership-focused interviews, over time, this evolved to include articles and other interviews focused on women in leadership and those who have served in or supported the military.

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