S1 – E3 I sit down with Gary Hines musical director and producer of The Sounds of Blackness for the last 50 years. Gary and I talk about his career, The Sounds of Blackness, his friendship with Prince, the murder of George Floyd, and much more. WATCH NOW

S1 – E2 In this episode, I sit down with Noah Siple veteran of the Army National Guard to talk about his journey into and through his military career. From his education and experience seeing the end of DADT to what the future holds after a career of service to his country. WATCH NOW

S1 – E1 In my first Espresso Talks video interview, I sit down with Ellen Matzer, and Valery Hughes authors of Nurses On The Inside: Stories Of The HIV/AIDS Epidemic In NYC. In this poignant interview, Ellen and Valery share details about what it was like working on the front line during the advent of AIDS and throughout the worst of the pandemic that ensued and continues. WATCH NOW

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